We Beat any Game or Deer Fence Pricing

If your trying to keep deer and game, either in or out of your ranch, property, or place we can help.

We are J. Mark Threadgill & Company.

We are your complete game and deer fence company. We specialize in construction of high deer and game fencing all across the southern part of the United States. We also offer other fencing services also including entry way fence construction.

We have over 17 years experience in the high deer and game fence construction business, so no job is to big. Our coverage area for high deer and game fence construction, includes but not limited to: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, and Texas.

Threadgill game and deer fencing offers professional fence building and installation for your needs in the deer or game business. Whether you need breeding pens for raising deer or other exotic game or several miles of enclosed fencing for a hunting preserve, we can provide you with the right deer and game fencing. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all work.

We will come to your site and prepare a quote for what you need. Fencing materials are all made from galvanized or carbon steel depending on the environment, and what you request. All braces are welded for a long lasting durability of your deer or game fence.

Construction of your deer or game fence can vary depending on the terrain and your specific needs. Gates are also built according to your needs. Typically, we build 8' foot tall deer and game fencing with a fixed knot system that gives maximum durability to your fence when pushed against by either deer or game.

Give us a call, for a Quote on any High Deer or Game Fence job at 361.772.3770